Sunday, September 30, 2012

My week in Instagram

  Emma started dance class...she loves it.

Allie is getting crazier and crazier...

Pumpkin patch time.  My favorite!
Allie calls them  "Pumpkies!!!"

My girls LOVE playing in our backyard.
I cut away some bushes in the corner and made them a little secret hiding place.
Hoping next year a garden will be there instead...
I don't have a green thumb by any means, so it could be a sad little garden.

I bought a size 4 in jeans.
Somewhat stretchy jeans, but still a size 4 people.
I bought my original size and when I got home they seemed "weird"
So i took them back and tried on these bad boys. And they fit.
Not that size matters, but I was pretty happy about this.

And today I am relaxing.
It's what we do after church.
And we do it well.

Have a blessed, relaxing, family filled Sunday afternoon.


Melissa said...

A 4!?!!!!??!!!

pollydove said...

Oh size matters sweetie! A 4?!!?!?! WOW!!!! Lucky ducky! I don't think I have seen a four since middle school! I just want to see a single digit soon! (Darn hormone meds are killin' me but I'm working on it!)

Love all these pictures of your cute little girls. Can't wait for Libby to start dance ... so fun!