Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Naps and wall art

Mike took this picture of Emma and I napping a few days ago.  This is probably the only way to get her to nap when she REALLY needs a nap.  I just lay down and if she acts crazy I just tell her to lay down.  After about 15 min. she passes out and I usually do too for about 30 min.  GREAT power nap!

Oh do you notice the paint missing on the wall?  Ya she asked if I could leave her room the other day so she could nap.  I was shocked she asked this but agreed since she said she was going to nap. Yeah right.  She peeled paint off her wall and said it was her "art." Thankfully we still had some paint left to repair this damage.

Kids are so much fun.  Even the days they drive you crazy and you want to scream.

I love laying in bed with Emma and talking about whatever.  Why unicorns are magical.  Her blood in her heart (a convo we have a lot) and why God loves everyone.  Crazy the things they pick up from what we say to others, them, while we are on the phone.  Those little ears are listening and learning when we don't realize it.

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pollydove said...

Oh that is so true about the little ears listening! I used to lay down with Chloe for her naps when she was three and I was pregnant with Elliott ... I loved that time with her too! (Moms need those power naps whenever possible!)