Monday, December 3, 2012

lets get together

The Holidays.
Families gets together.  Memories are made.
So thankful we have family close to us, but I sure do miss my family in Utah.  I wish flying was super cheap, and you were guaranteed that you would arrive on time.  No delays.  Every time we have flown during the Christmas season, we get stuck in an airport.  And with two kids and preggers, I don't even want to attempt that.  So I keep wishing and praying my family makes their way out here for good.  Yes, that means moving to Michigan.  It's becoming a huge possibility.  BIG SMILE!
But I also miss my Utah friends.  Getting together with our kiddos and playing together.  **sigh**
Maybe I am throwing myself a pity party. (sometimes one is just needed)
I think I just miss Utah all around at the moment.

Oh and I miss doing this.  Super fun and relaxing.  Very chill and refreshing.  I miss it.

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Melissa said...

I love it how Emma and Ezra are holding hands! Presh!