Friday, December 28, 2012

Catch Up

Well it's been awhile.
I am sad Christmas is over.
You wait and wait for it to come and then BAM! 
It was a great Christmas this year.
And it finally snowed so the girls could play in the snow.
And they both LOVED it.
I need to invest in some snow pants because I get bored watching them roll around and play together.
I didn't make anything super crafty this Holiday season. Which was kinda nice, but felt left out.
Mike and I did make the girls each a fleece blanket this year. 
I did learn a lesson this year.  Don't wait until the last minuet to wrap gifts.  I really thought it would just take an hour. Ya, it didn't.  My eyes, back and hands hurt from wrapping.  And Mike did half of them as well. Lesson learned.....
I have a feeling when the tree comes down there will be tears from little Miss Allie Jo. If those lights are EVER off on the tree she asks OVER and OVER to turn them on.  

Well, hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas.  Have a great New Years!  We are hoping to actually go OUT this year.  WOW, it's been awhile!  I might fall asleep! 

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