Monday, December 17, 2012

He Loves Us

I didn't think I would get emotional this morning as I drove Emma to school.  We always listen to a mix CD that I have in my van.  And this song came on, one of mine and Emma's favorite.  She sings it very loud and it really melts my heart.  This morning the words spoke to me in a way that calmed my spirit as I drove Emma to school. 

As we were singing Emma asked : "Mom, does Jesus love this song?"

Me: "He sure does!"

Emma:  "TURN IT UP MOM!  Lets sing it!"

And I did.  And I cried and worshiped my God with my little girl in the back seat.

Blessed. Happy. Sad. Confused a little. Heavy heart.  Joyful.   All of these emotions were running through my body as we drove and sang.

Before we got out of the car I prayed for Emma and her day.  To protect her and watch over her class.  That she could tell others how awesome Jesus is.  Even though she only knows a little about who He is, she understands HE LOVES US.  All of us.

May we as parents understand that our children are a gift from God.  We only have so much time with them on earth.  And we don't know when that time will end.  Show them love.  But mostly show them the love of God.

Here is the song we listened to this morning.  


Michael Elkins said...

One of my favorite blog posts ever.

McCall said...

You're such a good Mama!