Saturday, December 8, 2012

Time to take charge!

I finally decided to call my midwife to get some medicine due to me throwing up everything I was eating on Friday. Awesome things in pregnancy right? Well the meds worked! The past 2 weeks were rough. I totally over ate at every meal. I ate things I never ever would eat, like a Philly cheese steak! So gross. Lets just say tomorrow starts something new. The meds have helped my hunger to slow down, praise the heavens and I need to get back in control of what I am putting in my body.
So keep me accountable people!!!! I need this. I had a horrible time when I delivered Allie Jo. I was in the first stage of pre eclampsia and it wasn't fun. Trying to avoid this from happening again.

So my midwife said I could lose 5 pounds and be just fine since I gained 8 already! Yuck right?

that's one of my goals in the next few weeks. It's possible just by watching what I eat, because its been horrible!!!!!

So here's to a new pregnant me!!!!

Why didn't I call sooner about the dang meds???? Oh we'll. live and learn.

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