Saturday, June 8, 2013


Life is busy.  Ok, I don't like the sound of "busy" so let's call it full.  And I only have 2 kids.  Close in age though, so I think it's a little tougher.  But glad they are close in age because it's great when they do play with each other.  It actually melts my heart to watch Emma help Allie.  Anyways..

Life is "full" at the moment.  Between t-ball games during the week, laundry, keeping the van clean, getting water toys set up outside for the kids( which is tiring at 37 weeks pregnant), keeping Allie in her  clothes is a job in itself, keeping the house "together" and spending time with the Mister.  It's full. And it's about to get fuller.  (Is that a word? who cares...) Little Miss is on her way.  Hoping on or after Fathers Day.  That would be great.  But goodness life will be full once we settle back home with baby in tow.

I am excited to snuggle with the new girl.  Excited to see our family of FIVE come together.  It will be bitter sweet knowing this is my last pregnancy.  Unless God has other plans, but I am good with 3.

Have a great weekend.
We are just now eating dinner. It's 7pm and my kids are HUNGRY!

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