Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lilly June Elkins

Well she is here!

At almost 38 weeks, my body couldn't take being pregnant any longer.
Just like the other two pregnancies.  My body gives up in the end and the famous high blood pressure problems take over.
this time around was the easiest delivery by far.
My midwife was amazing.
I didn't have to be on meds during labor for high blood pressure, which was an answer to prayer for me.

So I went in for a normal weekly check up and my blood pressure was SUPER high.
I felt fine.  No swelling or head ache so I had them take it a few more times.
Still high.  And I started getting worried that this was going to go down the same road as Allie's delivery.
So they had me go upstairs to triage to get monitored.  I called Mike and told him to start packing stuff just in case.
And turns out I was 3 cm 100% effaced.
With contractions happening often.
And if I wanted to have a smooth delivery I would need to have this baby ASAP or the high blood pressure would get worse and worse.  And trust me, I didn't want to risk it.
So with a little help of pitocin and an epidural along the way little Lilly June was born.
And she came FAST!
One push!

And Lilly wasn't even on the list of names we had.
My midwife and nurse were helping us decide as we were all admiring, cleaning and holding this little miracle.
She asked me about the middle name ideas and we said June or Joy.
And she then said, " Oh my daughter who I was telling you about her name is Lilly June.
BAM! It hit me. and I loved the name.
As I was heading to our new room there was a strong smell of flowers in the hall.  My nurse asked what it was to a lady behind the counter and she said:
" Oh someone just brought some Lilies in"
I smiled as I was holding my little Lilly June in my arms.
It was perfect.

Recovery has been great.
I was up and about in no time.
Such a great experience.
And  so the Elkins Fab 5 has officially begun.
And I love it.


Jessica said...

congratulations!! She's beautiful and I'm thankful she arrived safely!

McCall said...

Congratulations! She is such a sweet pea! I'm glad things went smoothly. I hope the transition to 3 is just as easy as delivery was! Miss you!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Congrats. She is beautiful.