Monday, September 9, 2013

Love/Hate Football

Football.  Let me just park it here for a second while I explain my love/hate about this time of year.  I will break it down for you:

1- LOVE college football.  Go Blue.  I think college football is magical.  Young kids going to school and working hard at a sport.  So great.  The atmosphere is magical. The bands playing.  So I love it. I could have college football on all day in the background...and I usually do.

2- Not a huge fan of NFL.  It's not magical. Even if you play "Fantasy football."  That does not make it any better in my book.

3-So we have SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL.  MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL and THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL.  Let's just call it ALL FREAKING WEEKEND FOOTBALL. Now my husband will maybe watch 2 games.  Maybe. Usually just the Lions game and a few parts here and there of other games.  I am blessed.  BUT as I sit and watch these men yell, run around, get all excited, and being paid  A LOT of money to do so...I just don't get it.  And the robots on the screen.  So annoying.  Can we please change the NFL mascot thing?

Ok, I am done.
Love College football
Don't get NFL.

It's probably just a crazy women thing.

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