Saturday, October 19, 2013


So many things I want to blog about lately.

So many frustrating things I could blog about.  I feel like the negative outweighs the positive lately on a lot of issues that every mom struggles with.  I get it, we all aren't perfect, but I think in the end we need to stay positive, give thanks and share the good things that happen to us daily.  And let your husband wear the pants in the family (I'll stop there....again so much I REALLY could blog about)


Loved it.

It's not super popular out here like it is out west.  I see my Utah friends posting
       " I am doing a new WOD today at cross fit, join me!"  And usually the pictures I see are out of control strong women with muscles.  Intimidating is my first thought. So for awhile I was glad this crazy exercise was out west.  Then I got curious....

So to make a long story short my husband knew someone who started their own CrossFit in their garage. I know, sounds creepy but it's not.  It's legit.  They are trained and have certificates...and muscles. Nicest people ever.

So today I woke up at 6am ***gasp**

And ventured off to CrossFit.

LOVED IT.  Who knew I could  do it?  I sure didn't think I could. I might of looked dumb, but who cares!  It's crazy how doubt can creep into every aspect of our lives.  But seeing other women doing it, encouraging you, and with some good music I finished it!!  Did I do everything 100% and fast?  No.  But I did my best.

Driving home I thought " I should apply this to EVERYTHING in life. (duh)


SO simple right?  I am sure some of your parents told you as a kid " DO YOU BEST!"

Seriously, just do your best at whatever that is.  For me it's being a mom, wife, friend, a Christ-follower,   and a girl who wants to be healthy for my family. It's not being skinny, it's being healthy. And I am so glad that my husband sees the importance of it all as well.  But lets just say he can't walk too well from his last CrossFit workout.  ( he's competitive) Bless his heart....

So go out and do YOUR best!

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