Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday nights past,present and future

Do you love Friday nights? 
Who doesn't.

In elementary school Friday meant "popcorn at school!" We could buy a little bag of amazing popcorn and get it at the end of the day. I can still remember walking home with my friends, eating our popcorn. It also meant Night Games! You know, kick the can, capture the flag kind of games. So much fun was had and memories made. 

No real worries. Life was easy. 

In middle school it was having sleepovers, dancing to Nsync and making prank phone calls(with our house phones!) oh and figuring out which parent was going to pick us up from the mall. 

We thought we were cool. 

In high school it was a sports game. Football or basketball. Or you could also find me at Wendy's just hanging out with my friends.  Sleepovers, bonfires in the mountains and toilet papering. Yes, toilet papering. I feel like we did that A LOT! But if that's the worst thing my girls do on a weekend, that's fine! (Just don't get caught ladies) In high school it was all about the friends and choices you made. I for sure had a great group of friends. 

We loved high school. 
In college you could find me at a coffee shop with friends, on a date with mike or having dance parties with friends. Late night talks, pranks in the dorms and maybe a little studying. 

I was far from home and growing up fast! 

Goodness my Fridays have changed.
Usually it means no real set bed times for my kids. Ok 9pm is my cut off( I need my time) and that's late for my girls. Usually we get baths right after dinner and then head down stairs to watch a movie and eat a snack! We all love it.
Tonight I was sitting on the couch with my youngest on my lap. The other two on the floor eating graham crackers and frosting. Someday they will be out and about on a Friday night. Having sleepovers, going on dates and hanging out with friends. I pray they experience laughter with friends. Good decisions are made and memories are created.
 But for now I will enjoy them being home with me. Because well, who wouldn't want go hangout with me on a Friday? Hehe 

Have a great weekend making memories 
                   Oh toilet papering

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McCall said...

I seriously loved high school! :) Although, because I wasn't allowed sleepovers, I can count the times I've TP'd on one hand...or less.

Also. Kick the can! That was my everything!