Wednesday, April 23, 2014



Is there really a difference between joy and happiness?

i recently discovered that there is a difference.

happiness comes from circumstances.  how things "turn out".  emotions. feeling. our response to unplanned circumstances.

JOY, it's something we need to work for everyday.  every. single. day.

a spiritual discipline. 

I don't find it easy to pursue joy.  Being negative is much easier for me. 


"Don't be dejected and sad, for the JOY of the Lord is your strength" ( Neh.8:10)

I recently wrote this down one day while my daughter was painting, so I started painting as well.

and i love it.

a great reminder for me to choose joy.

when that "rain" comes (hence umbrella)

choose JOY.

Because that is my strength

and yours.

Celebrate that joy today. 

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