Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fat loss vs. weight loss

For so so many years I jumped on the scale wanting "that number" to be down. I did this almost every day. And this my friends, robbed my joy.

Before babies I knew how to work that scale.

Live at the gym and really watch what you eat. 

I can't do the first part anymore. (How did I even do that?) I don't even like the idea of a "gym" anymore. 

About 6 months ago I discovered crossfit. At first I would just pop into the crossfit gym when I could. I saw some baby weight leave, did a paleo challenge and lost some more. Feeling good! 

About 2 months ago I really decided to take this crossfit thing more serious. It was fun! I've always enjoyed working out but this was different. I wasn't dancing(such a white girl with no dance skills),  I wasn't at home working out alone. And I wasn't  just running.Crossfit was pushing myself to do things I wouldn't ever do at the gym or at home. I've never been "athletic" even though I played soccer for 6 years. I was never conpetitive( probably why I didn't make the high school soccer team). I just never had the athletic drive in me. But crossfit has really brought that drive out of me. (Slowly but surely) And it's exciting and fun to see! But I'm not competing against anyone, only myself. And it's a beautiful thing.

Lately my clothes fit SO well! So I decided to jump on the scale to see what was happening. Ummmmm gained weight?!?! How??!?!? 

Turns out I'm gaining muscle. 
And that's totally awesome! 

I'm kicking fat in the face! Fat loss is WAY more better then pound loss. Replacing fat with muscle. 
Sliming down doesn't always mean losing weight! Yes, read that sentence again. 
When you lose body fat, you are making permanent changes to your body and health. 
Knowing the difference between losing weight and losing body fat can change how you get results and how you look at yourself. 

So honestly, I'm not paying attention to that dumb scale. If my clothes fit better and I feel stronger,  I know I'm doing something right! 

So ladies, let's get strong and healthy. 

 Put away the scale! 

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