Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Just call me a chauffeur

I don't think I am in the chauffeur stage in life. Yet.

You know, the soccer mom taking kids to practice, friends house, the mall, youth group events...list goes on. 

I am not talking about that kind of mom chauffer. Even though they are important. 

I'm talking about a LIFE chauffeur

A mom who doesn't just tell them what is right, but lives by example. 

The other day I was running late to pick Emma Jane up from school. I got stuck in traffic. I'm usually the first parent in her class to arrive, but on that day I was the last. As I pulled into the school parking lot Emma and her teacher were hand in hand walking back to the school building. I pulled up, jumped out of the van and apologized. 

Me: "were you getting worried I wasn't coming Emma?" 
Emma: "yeah I told my teacher you were probably napping"
Me: (as I fake giggle to the teacher) "uhhhh well no, not today..." 

Not going to lie, I love naps. And maybe more then usual lately. Sometimes when life gets overwhelming it's my way of "checking out."  Put a show on for the kids and take a nap. (I'm sure other moms out there do this..right?) 

And I think I've been "checking out" too much lately. 

After we got into the car I hurried to call my husband.  To make sure I didn't sound like a complete failure as a mom!  My child thinks I nap all the time! 

He assured me that it was ok. (He may have lied a little) 

But it made me think. 
I've got a huge role to play in the lives of my children. 
I need to point them in the right direction.  
Not just point them, but take them there. 
Telling them is not enough when it comes to mothering. I need to LIVE it. 

Like when life gets hard or confusing you don't just "check out" but you choose joy no matter what. You press on. You have faith. 

Obviously Emma has noticed my napping lately.  It makes me wonder what else does she notice? 

Does she notice that I am kind to everyone?

Does she notice that I enjoy watching her ride her bike?  

Does she hear me talking about God and His love for us? 

Do I seem happy or grumpy to her?  

I need to make sure I am going in the right direction before I can start telling my kids to go in the right direction. 

What kind of chauffeur do you want to be?


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