Tuesday, August 5, 2014


So there is physical strength and then there is spiritual strength.  Like the type you can't explain. It's seriously a mystery and a miracle at the same time from God. Do you know what I mean? Maybe you have experienced this in your own life.

With physical strength You see someone with muscles, so they probably have some strength. You can tell just by looking at them, but they have built up their strength over time. Maybe running, lifting or CROSSFIT(woot woot) but it didn't happen over night. Tonight I was at Crossfit nearing the last stretch of our workout. Goal was 150 push-ups. If you stop, you run a 40 yard sprint. I prepared as much as I could mentally and physically for this. (Aka just don't die) I tried pacing myself but I hit a wall. My little arms were shaking come 116 push-ups. Tears formed in my eyes around 126. I have never wanted to throw in the towel and cry in a corner, but I sure wanted to tonight. As others were finishing they stood by, cheered and encouraged me. Not even sure if I made it to 150, but whatevs.  

Driving home I thought about our spiritual strength we have in us. We have it! We are going to hit walls in life. Some big, some small and that's why we need each other to encourage us along the way. To cheer us on. Not only do we need each other but we need to call on God to show up and do His will in whatever it is. We need to be prepared as much as possible with whatever happens in our life. But just like our physical strength, our spiritual strength doesn't happen over night. We have to work at it. And from my experience loving God and loving others is the best way to exercise our spiritual strength.

How spiritually fit are you? 

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