Friday, January 2, 2015

A little less

Resolutions. I actually enjoy them. But I'll be honest I don't keep ALL of them. 

This year I'm actually trying to do LESS of things. I'll share them.

1- less time on social media. What a time sucker right?!? Possibly even doing once a week no social media.(I need my hubby on board for this one or I'll totally cave) Do I really need to scroll through Facebook? No. So many other things to do!!! 

2- less sugar. Oh mercy this is my down fall. No I will not cold turkey this or my poor family will see a very grumpy mom ALL the time. But def going to learn how to manage this better and make yummy treats that are healthy but help curve my cravings. 

3- worry less.  I worried a lot in 2014. It was a struggle for me to let things go and trust God. I learned a lot through the process. I guess that's kinda how God works sometimes. 

4- Compare less.  My heart aches in this area for many reasons. A lot of joy is taken from moms out there who compare themselves to other moms. (It's been a struggle for me) but I am learning to find joy in my beautiful mess. To embrace my everyday life and to focus on the family God has given me. 

5- less tv, more reading 
I don't watch a lot of tv. And I don't have a lot of time during the day to read a book.When my kids go to bed it's my time to watch shows with my hubby. This year I'm going to limit my shows and hit the books before bed. 

6- less "busyness" more rest 
REST! The day of rest. Sunday's. Sometimes Sunday's are far from the day of rest for me. Getting kids ready for church on time is a struggle. Starting today I am forcing myself to rest from 1:30- dinner. I may watch a movie with my kids, read a book, craft something, blog nap, sit in silence. Whatever helps me rest and reset for the week.  

And I may need to frame this up somewhere in my house. 

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Mamasita said...

These are AWESOME 2015 GOALS!!!!! You can do it girly!!!
Best of luck and BLESSINGS to you and your family!