Monday, June 22, 2015

Get me out of weird mommy land!

I am going to be honest here.  I wish I was an organized person.  I wish I liked having a clean house.  Ok,  I like having a clean house....I just don't keep it clean.  I am kinda laid back in that area. (Sorry husb) I need to come to the realization that RIGHT now in my life, my house is just going to be messy.  It's not going to look like the magazine that just came in the mail.  And guess who reminds me of this when I start beating myself up?  Oh, my HUSBAND! He's kinda great at reminding me that things don't have  to be perfect.  Even though I know they don't need to be, some days I ask myself,
 " Why can't I get my crap together!!??"

It's because I have little people.
It's because I am not perfect.
It's the season that my life is in. (And I think it will be that way for awhile.)
so I need to EMBRACE IT!

with an open heart
with a gentle spirit (I may go into freak out mode quickly)
with the " bigger picture" as my vision.

I want REAL quality time with my kids.  Not SCHEDULING it into my day. I did that a few times on my list of things to do and I thought " WHO DOES THIS?"
Adventures, playing, life lessons should just HAPPEN if....I am THERE with my kids.  ****OUCH****

I am not saying we need to spend ALL our time with them.  Heaven help me.  I need quiet time.  But I am going to get down and play with my kids. I am going to get my swim suit on and jump in the kiddie pool.  I am going to watch a FULL movie with them without doing laundry.  I am going to be THERE with them.  I am going to put my phone down. (guilty!!) No more weird mommy land business of thinking of what I need to do next and next and next.

When did I become this mom in weird mommy land?

When I forgot what the "bigger picture" was all about.

As moms we have this HUGE job to show Christ to our kiddos in our everyday lives.  Even if our every day lives consist of laundry, feeding and playing and the bed time battles we face! We have opportunities each day to show what Jesus is all about!

So if you're in weird mommy land, let's get out of this thing together! 

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