Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Why CrossFit?

I get asked a lot why I do CrossFit. 

I usually just say because I like it! 

But I get where they are going with the question. 

It's so dangerous 
That's too much weight
It's so expensive 
It's for athletes right? 

Runnings dangerous, jumping on a trampoline is dangerous but people put their kids on them, running a mud run race or Spartan race is dangerous, playing any sport is dangerous, driving your car is dangerous! The list could go on. You know what's  more dangerous? Doing nothing about your health. That's dangerous for you and your family. 

Oh the weights. Yes in crossfit we use weights ***gasp*** 
Building muscle is actually a good thing! It helps the connective tissues, bone density, decreas chances of serious injuries and as you get older maybe dealing with arthritis pain. 
This past winter I was slipping on ice and caught myself. In the process I hurt my knee. I got it looked at and scanned. My doctor told me: "if you didn't have good muscles surrounding your knee already this would of been much worse!"
And I bounced back from my knee issues because I continued crossfit(modified though) 
And even my recent mud run injury I have been able to help my injury through crossfit workouts! 

Ok now to the cost of Crossfit. Some gyms range from $75-150 a month. 
BUT going to class is like having a personal trainer each time! And personal trainers could range from $40-60 an hour! Even more! Plus a gym membership on top of that! And if you watch Extreme Makeover with Chris and Heidi Powell, they use CrossFit. It just works!!! 
If you got rid of your cable tv, switched to Hulu and Netflix you could afford CrossFit. Just say'n! 

I am no special athlete. I played soccer for a good while growing up and hooped it up my 9th grade year. But I'm not an athlete! Everyone is on different levels at crossfit. We are all on different pages in our health and fitness. What's so cool though is that we all can plug into a class whether we are a seasoned Crossfitter or a newbie.  

The one reason I enjoy crossfit so much is the community aspect of it all. We were created with this desire to be in a community with others! And CrossFit does just that! I've never seen a person coming in last be cheered and encouraged so much. (Trust me,I've been last several times) and "coming in last" doesn't feel like a horrible thing in the CrossFit community. You just know to work harder and push harder next time. And that leads me into my second fav thing. Pushing yourself beyond what you ever thought you could do! It's awesome to see results, to run quicker, flip a tire faster and see your over all health change. And not only your health but those around you! In my case, my husband who struggled with exercising  for a really long time. And now he's a CrossFit coach! Pretty awesome! 

So you guys, that's why I do CrossFit! 

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