Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lets make things simple

Sometimes simple is the hardest for me.

Anyone else?

Maybe its the mom ADD in me, and I make things way harder then it really is.

Like getting rid of kids clothes. A few things here...

1- Why so many clothes? Seriously....its sad and annoying.

2- Do I keep this shirt, pants, shorts?

3- What bin do I put this in? I marked them, so where are these dang bins???

**** This is when coffee is needed ASAP****

Today I was going through what clothes will work for this school year, what new items to buy, what's "out of style"( for Emma Jane) and so on.  My goal this year is to KEEP IT SIMPLE.  Yes, I have THREE girls and one who LOVES fashion.  But they seriously don't need this many clothes! So we are donating and downsizing this school year!

My main agenda with this SIMPLE clothing idea is that my girls can grasp this verse at a young age. What WE should put on in daily.

Or as a commentary put it: moral character, vigorous and honorable in her lifestyle.  

Our world is painting a crazy picture of what girls should be like.  It's kinda scary.
I hope and pray my girls get this at an early age and that I can lead by example.  (So hard!)

LOVE fashion, new clothes and all that girly stuff.  But I don't want my girls to get confused on where REAL beauty comes from.

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