Saturday, August 30, 2008

6 months!

So here is a pic of me at 24 weeks. Im actually 25 but Mike took this last week. Not the cutest pic. I always forget to take pics when Im actually looking cute.  So hopefully I will remember to take some cute ones soon! My tummy is getting huge though!!!

And here is  a pic of little Emma's crib.  I really enjoy 
it.  We
 still don't know what the do for the wall decor yet, waiting for some inspiration!

Today Mike and I have cleaned the house a little and are now watching some college 
football. I really enjoy college football.  I have become a Michigan fan since we met. We put our Michigan flag up in our window today, hopefully our house won't get egged.  Last year Michigan beat Florida and it was GREAT! Today they play Utah, and I might have to root for Utah! But only for today.  


Melissa said...

Oh Mickey! You are too stinkin' cute! I wish I could be there and see your cute house and the adorable room for Emma! I miss you guys like crazy! You're way way cute!!

Scott and Jessica Marsh said...

Mike and Mickey... Good luck with everything. It's incredible, beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Oh yeah... GET THE EPIDURAL... don't be a hippy-weirdos. It was soooo worth it. Jessica had no pain at all and delivery was quick and easy!

Good luck! Keep us informed.