Sunday, August 17, 2008

Emma's Room

So we have started working on Emma's room. Not sure what you would call the "theme." Girly I guess? Flowers? Dog pics maybe? Not 100% sure. But we did get it painted!!  Now we have to decide if we want white furniture or dark brown furniture. But here are some pics of it so far! 


Melissa said...

I absolutly love it! But I can't decide which I like more, your cute belly or the paint colors?!? Tough choice!

Abby Ras said...

Michelle congratulations on the baby girl! I'm really excited for you. By the way I love the colors of her room and I LOVE your dress! Both really cute!

Justin said...

You are so cute! I love the colors you chose! It looks great! And you look great...I hope I look that good when I'm pregnant :)

Mandi said...

you look so cute! of course! and so does the room! i think you should just stay in that dress in that room like that. can you work that out?

Melissa said...

You are definitely adorable. :) I have been dying to see the little belly and if definitely fits you. :) Emma's looks like it is going to turn out great. Congrats on the addition!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mickey:

I like the new crib....and it
looks very safe. You always look cute to me!!

I know how anxious you are to have
little Emma come into this world, but until then, enjoy the "quiet" and restful evenings you have!!!!

The future great-grandma Wilson